13"15"16" Ultra Slim Laptop Sleeve (Elegance Black)

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1. Two ways dual layering Design, maximize the storage for carrying.

2. Covering with Woolenex material provides water resistant and antifouling.

3. Soft faux-fur lining that protects laptop from scratches.

4. Extra EVA lining foam provides shock and impact reduction.


Item No. LB7088

Compatibility : 13” LAPTOP

Dimensions : L13.8 x W9.8 x H1.0 (inch) / 9.9 (ounces)

Material: Woolenex / EVA

Item No. LB7089

Compatibility : 15” LAPTOP

Dimensions : L15.4 x W11.0 x H1.0 (inch) / 10.9 (ounces)

Material: Woolenex / EVA