Warranty Information

PROXA is committed to provide you with a superior consumer experience.

All products have been made by the finest components and materials, and been tested in a thorough quality control procedures.

PROXA adhere to rigorous manufacturing standards that is above the industry.

Therefore, we guarantee that all PROXA products in your hand and on the market surpass your expectations, and our warranty gives the extra protection for consumer rights and

the best experience as we care.

If the product fails under normal usage, please contact our authorized reseller on how to return the defective product for inspection.

Please be sure have your proof of purchase enclosed when requesting our warranty service, we cannot process any return or refund request without proof of purchase.

If you are requesting for a global warranty outside of the original country of purchase, the original proof of purchase must also be provided.

Then you will have limited warranty service according to the country that you are in.

If we find the defective product cannot be repaired after inspection, then we will replace the defective product with a brand-new product.

If we could not replace with the same type of product, we would offer a replacement of similar type or value.

PROXA’s authorized reseller warranty only covers manufacturing defects, it does not cover any incidental or consequential damages caused by improper installation or using the product.

PROXA International Limited reserves all right of final explanation.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights.

You may also have other rights depending on where you live.

Except as provided above, to the fullest extent permitted by law, PROXA makes no warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied.

PROXA 台灣地區產品保固說明

1. 經本公司授權的合法經銷管道所購買的產品,憑發票或購買證明,在保固期限內,經本公司鑑定,非因人為外力破壞且依照說明書正常使用情況下,確定為產品問題後,將提供免費更換。

2. 保固期限

・「Magnetic Wireless Car Charger Mount」:90 天

・「Wireless Charger Photo Frame」:90 天

・「Protective Case」:1 年

・「Ultra-Slim Laptop Sleeve」:1 年

3. 保固期限自購買日起算。

4. 保固期限內商品,經更換新品後,其保固期仍以第一次購買日期為起算日。

5. 申請保固時,請備齊產品、發票或是購買證明,向原購買之經銷商提出申請。

6. 保固期限內,由消費者負擔寄出之運費,寄回之運費則無需由消費者負擔。

7. 產品保固範圍:

・「Magnetic Wireless Car Charger Mount」:產品保固範圍為主體,零組件與贈品不在保固範圍內。(主體:無線充電板。零組件:快充接頭、數據線、指環帶、出風口夾、旋轉軸、固定底座。贈品:酒精棉片。)

・「Wireless Charger Photo Frame」:產品保固範圍為主體,贈品不在保固範圍內。(主體:無線充電相框與接頭。贈品:Micro-USB充電線。)

・「Protective Case」:產品保固範圍為主體結構上瑕疵,一般人為使用之耗損、污損及外力不當使用造成之故障不在此保固範圍內。

・「Ultra-Slim Laptop Sleeve」:產品保固範圍為主體結構上瑕疵,一般人為使用之耗損、污損及外力不當使用造成之故障不在此保固範圍內。

8. 下列情況不屬於本公司保固之範疇:

・ 無法提供發票證明或購買證明。

・ 已超過保固期限。

・ 經判定為非本公司出產之商品。

・ 消費者未照使用手冊或說明書規定,不當使用而損壞。

・ 擅自拆解零件或修改,導致不良狀況發生。

・ 不可抗力之因素,例如:天災、水災等。

9. 本保固不擔保產品直接或間接造成之損害或損失等意外或衍生性傷害。除本保固所述之法定權益外,根據國家或所在地而定,您尚可能具有其他權益。

10. 此有限保固不涵蓋因意外、濫用、誤用或安裝不當所造成的損害。此外,一般正常磨損對於產品所造成的輕微表面損害也不負擔保之責。

11. 如果因物品停產而無法更換,本公司將有權決定以不同的替代產品之形式給予等值的補償。

12. 此外,本公司未提供其它任何類型的擔保,包括但不限於暗示擔保或適銷性條件以及特定用途的適用性,或因法律、法規、商業用途或交易而產生的擔保責任。本公司將會依據此保固聲明來履行責任與義務,









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